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Kanawha-Charleston Health Department continues to vaccinate West Virginians


Kanawha-Charleston Health Department continues to vaccinate West Virginians

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Another Sunday and another Kanawha-Charleston Health Department free COVID vaccinations and testing clinic.

Here we found Jenny Adams of Charleston, whose granddaughter received her second shot.

“She actually had to quarantine at home from school for a whole week because she had an exposure at school because she wasn’t fully vaccinated with both shots. She had to quarantine at home,” said Jenny Adams, a grandmother.

Students who have not had the second vaccination are required to quarantine after a COVID exposure, even if they are asymptomatic and test negative.

“A lot of their students are being quarantined and having to miss out on those opportunities with school. That’s where we’re really happy to see them coming in getting that first and second dose,” said Dr. Sherri Young, Health Director of Kanawha-Charleston Health Department.

Adams says, she is relieved knowing her granddaughter will be able to attend school in person.

“So hopefully now she is fully vaccinated, and covered, and safe, and it won’t happen again,” said Adams.

As more young people get vaccinated, the health department hopes to slow down the spread.

“It does affect their quarantine. They’re able to stay in school, they’re less likely to have COVID, or spread COVID, so it’s a win-win, especially when we get our young folks in here to get their vaccines,” said Young.

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