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Meet Our Team


Chan Joo Kwang

Chief Executive Officer

The adventurer. Graduated from Korea Maritime University with a Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, despite not knowing a single word of Korean at the beginning. I believe in overcoming the odds in life by tackling them with an unwavering intensity.

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Dr. Jocelyn Ng

Chief Medical Officer

Medical doctor with regional public and private healthcare management and previous Health Economics experience as Honorary Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University. Utilizing her healthcare background, Jocelyn is passionate about advocating and building an optimized healthcare journey for both patients and HCWs.

Advisor (Telemedicine & Microlegal) picture.jpg

Dr. Teoh Ming Keng

Advisor (Telemedicine & Medicolegal)

Leading authority in the field of Medicolegal for Asia, Founding President of Vascular Surgical Society Singapore, President of Asian Vascular Society. Ming Keng is a solid bedrock for HealthDr with his vast wealth of experience.

Advisor (Technology) picture.jpg

Dr. Suen Chun Hui (Ph.D)

Advisor (Technology)

Software architect with experience in software development, building big data pipeline and domain expertise in blockchain. Chun Hui marries tech with business and a great entrepreneur in his own domain.

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